Password SecurityEdit

Changing Your Password

Please see the below for full instructions.

Policy Edit

  1. ACME-related passwords need to be changed every 90 days
  2. New passwords must:
    1. Contain 8 or more characters
    2. Contain at least one lower-case letter
    3. Contain at least one upper-case letter
    4. Contain at least one number
    5. Contain at least one special character
    6. NOT be the same as recent passwords
    7. NOT contain your first or last name
    8. NOT contain your username

Perfect Paper Passwords Edit

One method of remembering passwords and still keeping them safe is to use Gibson Research's Perfect Paper Passwords (PPP). Using the link you can generate a card by clicking the button at the bottom of the page, which will give you 3 squared of grids with random letters and numbers. Printing this off and keeping it at your desk, you just need to remember the grid locations of the blocks for your passwords, instead of long cryptic key sequences. For example on your card, choose block 1, 2 or 3, and then pick a few grid locations such as A1, G1, A10, G10 (This being the 4 corners). Now you can keep this printed on your desk or with you, only having to remember those 4 locations, but keep a _very_ secure password for your device.

Tips for Keeping your Passwords Secure Edit

“To prevent your password from being found or intelligently guessed!”

If you must, only ever document partial passwords (see Safely Documenting Password below)

Use unique passwords for work, important personal, and unimportant personal accounts

Change your passwords regularly

Creating Strong and Memorable Passwords Edit

Use all four character types (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters)

uppercase letters	lowercase letters	numbers		special characters
ABCDEFG...		abcdefg...		0123456789	`~!@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]\|:;"'<>,.?/

Use acronyms and abbreviations instead of words and consecutive numbers/letters

every day Bob eats 25 plus carrots				edBe25+c
Minnesota has 3 Summer months! (Give or take 4)			Mh3Sm!(Got4)

Build passwords using non-personal data

have you been to Guam? I have not				hyb2G?Ihn
all 4 of my friends have lots of money but I do not		a4omfhlo$bIdn

Use numbers and characters in place of letters

London is foggy							L0ndon!sFo88y
my first name is not David					mfninD@v1d

Longer passwords are better, even if they repeat characters

(15 total characters, but less to remember)			buX3.).).).)zzz
2 Big Macs, 1 large fry, Coke					2BM,,,1lf,,,C0k3

Safely Documenting Passwords Edit

If you must write down some passwords, only ever document partial passwords. This can be accomplished by memorizing a small “PIN” that you reuse within your passwords, but NEVER write down!

  1. Build a short complex PIN using all four character types:
								uM4!		(never written)
  1. Pick a position to place the PIN into your passwords, for example after the 3rd character
  2. Build a secure base, for example:
eating 2 pounds of Twinkies makes me ill			e2#oTmmi	(can be written, if needed)
  1. Combine your base and PIN to create password:
								e2#uM4!opmmi	(never written)
  1. Another example of base combined with PIN:
people in MN love to bike					piMuM4!l0v3tb	(never written)

Connecting to the VPNEdit

If you are in the office please skip to the Changing Your Password section. If you work remotely or are currently out of the office you must first connect to the VPN:

  1. Direct your browser to one of the following and log in with your current ACME username and password. You may be required to receive a One Time Registration Code via email or SMS.
  2. Once connected, please check to make sure that you are in fact on the ACME network by going to "".
    • If you receive a page asking you to enter your username and password (see image below), you are connected to the ACMENetwork; skip to "Changing your Password in the Office".
    • If you are not able to access this page, please check to make sure that your VPN connection is active and try again.

Changing Your PasswordEdit

You must be connected to the network in the office, connected to ACME, or connected to the ACME VPN before following these instructions.

Windows Desktop/Laptop UsersEdit

From your ACME Windows computer:

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL
  2. Click "Change a Password..." (or similar)
  3. Fill in your current password, new password, confirm your new password, then click OK. **Please use a secure password (see attached document for recommendations) which:**
    • Contains at least 8 characters
    • Contains at least one upper case letter
    • Contains at least one lower case letter
    • Contains at least one number
    • Contains at least one special character
    • DOES NOT contain your first or last name
  4. If your computer locks simply press CTRL+ALT+DEL and enter your NEW password to get back into your computer.
  5. NOTE: You may receive an error like “domain ACME not available”
    • If you are in the office, check your physical network connection or confirm that you are connected to ACME (not ACME_guest)
    • If you are connecting via the VPN, log off of the VPN you selected and try connecting to one of the others. If none work, please email
  6. NOTE: Once the password has been changed we ask that you leave your computer on and connected to the network/VPN for at least 20 minutes. This will allow the password change to sync with our servers. After 20 minutes you can disconnect from the VPN and or power down.
  7. Please skip to the Finalizing section below.

Mac and Linux UsersEdit

  1. Direct your browser to and login using your ACME credentials.
  2. Once logged in, click “Options” (in the upper right hand corner) and then “Change Your Password”.
  3. Fill in the password fields and then click “Save”
  4. Please skip to the Finalizing section below.

Finalizing and Updating Your Mobile PhoneEdit

  1. Your password should now be changed. Some of our systems do not reference this password system and may continue to use old or other passwords.
  2. NOTE: Your ACME mobile phone may prompt you for a new password. If it does not, but stops sending or receiving mail, you will need to manually update the password via: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > ACME Systems (under Accounts) > Account (under Exchange) > find "Password" and replace it with your new password.

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